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Jae Services is counted as the most trusted insurance services provider. We offer Best Health insurance services from all the top Health Insurance Companies in India. We have customized medical and health insurance plans for groups, family and individuals which are affordable and provide cashless treatment at various hospitals across country. Due to the high medical inflation and pandemic situation, it is essential to have a health insurance plan to safeguard your finances. You can get multiple benefits and policy coverage, including advanced medical treatments, day care treatment, cashless hospitalization, and much more.

Health Insurance industry in India is seeing a groundbreaking change due to private insurance providers offering customized plans to the consumers. These plans are tailor-made considering the varied requirement of customers. For example, there are plans customized only for diabetic patients, cancer patients, etc.

Health Insurance is a type of insurance that covers the insured's medical and surgical expenses. Depending on the policy terms and conditions, the insurer either pays the insured in the form of reimbursement or offers a cashless facility at the listed network hospital of the Insurance Company.

Certain benefits offered under Health Insurance Plans are:

  • Pre & Post Hosptialization Benefit
  • Cashless Treatment
  • Day Care Treatment, etc.

You can also opt for additional Riders along with a Comprehensive Health Insurance Policy to enhance your health insurance plan even better. This may include,

  • Room Rent Waiver
  • Maternity Cover
  • Critical Illness cover
  • Hospital Cash
  • Personal Accident Rider, etc.

Health Insurance is divided into 4 categories which includes comprehensive health insurance, family floater cover, surgery cover and individual cover.

Health Insurance Services

Health insurance is a must-have investment plan for your financial security in this age of increasing healthcare expenses and the growing burden of diseases. We at Care provide you with customizable health insurance policies designed to match your healthcare needs. We make your buying journey simpler and free from hassles as our user-friendly portal helps you access numerous services online.

Plan a Healthy and Secured Future with our Customized Health Plans

Let’s look ahead to a healthy life as the new financial year begins in April, the month when we celebrate World Health Day. It’s also time to fight all odds and emerge stronger against the raging pandemic. Focusing our attention on securing our health and finances is a step in the right direction at the moment. Opting for health insurance is of utmost significance as we see the burden of diseases and medical inflation growing steadily. Make a judicious choice by reviewing the best health insurance plans in India to secure your health and overall well-being.

Get an affordable health cover online with maximum coverage and wide-ranging policy benefits, which aptly meets your family’s healthcare needs. It will help you tackle unforeseen medical emergencies without any financial constraint. That’s not all! You can increase your savings by availing of premium discounts and Section 80D tax benefits.

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance coverage that gives you financial protection against the losses or medical expenses you incur when coping with an illness, a chronic ailment, or injury. Due to the high medical inflation and pandemic situation, it is essential to have a health insurance plan to safeguard your finances. You can get multiple benefits and policy coverage, including advanced medical treatments, day care treatment, cashless hospitalization, and much more.

Do I Need a Health insurance?

Your family’s good health and wellbeing matter the most in the world. Unfortunately, the pandemic has been a reminder that we live amidst uncertainties. So, a standalone health insurance cover is worth having in this day and age. Without insurance, the financial impact of incurring unexpected medical bills can be enormous, given the escalating healthcare costs. What is reassuring is that health insurance is an affordable investment that promises a secure future. The pandemic has changed everyone’s mind as more and more people are beginning to understand that health insurance is much more than just a tax-saving tool. It is the need of the hour since getting medical aid is becoming expensive. Watch this video for more insights!

Health Insurance Plans Offred By Health Insurance Companies

Below are the 6 best health insurance plans in India you can get from Care Health Insurance:-

  • Individual Health Insurance: Get an individual health policy that provides coverage for hospitalization, surgery, and various medical expenses of a single individual insured in the policy. The coverage amount is entirely available to the insured person.
  • Family Floater Health Insurance: Family floater plans are affordable health insurance for your immediate family, which cover all the insured family members with a floating sum insured, where every member can utilise the coverage amount without any restriction.
  • Senior Citizen Health Insurance: This health insurance plan is designed typically for ageing parents above 61 years and suitable for those coping with age-related illnesses and other medical conditions. It ensures financial security by providing a high sum insured and customised benefits, including AYUSH treatment and annual health check-up.
  • Maternity Insurance Plans: Maternity insurance cover is recommended for those planning to embrace motherhood. Get adequate coverage for maternity-related expenses, including delivery charges, room rent, day care treatment, pre and postnatal care, with new-born cover.
  • Diseases Specific Health Insurance: Opt for this health insurance plan and get comprehensive coverage for managing your pre-existing medical conditions. Choose our customised health insurance plan designed for people having diabetes and high BP & BMI.
  • Critical Illness Plans: Choose our indemnity-based critical illness health insurance that provides comprehensive coverage for 32 critical ailments, including cancer. Stay financially secure by getting cover for expensive medical treatments. Invest early in life as it will secure you in the hour of need.

We also Offer Insurance Services for

  • Senior Citizen Policy
  • Cancer / Heart / Critical Illness Policy
  • Group Medical Policy
  • Corona Policy