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Along with stiff competition issues, the insurance sector also grapples with stringent government restrictions and customer satisfaction issues. Claims Management is a critical business operation in the industry, in which clients demand superior and faster service. By being skimpy with this practice, insurers can lose reputation and clients in the long run. If their clients escalate this issue, they could also end up losing revenue fighting legal battles. Insurers that want to stay away from trouble need to invest in claims management for their businesses. In this post, we discuss how claims management impacts different parts of the insurance industry.

  • Claims Management - We manage all claims of our clients and ensure timely and fair settlement.


We at JAE service realize that having an insurance claim can be a stressful occurrence. Our goal is to remove the stress and get you back to the place you were prior to your loss as soon as possible.

No matter the nature of the claim you are making, it is imperative that you notify either the policy insurer (where a helpline is in operation) or ourselves, as your insurance broker, as soon as possible.
In the event of crisis, JAE service is prepared to assist you with your claim and guide you through the process.  Our Claim team aims to promote openness and co-operation between parties in order to resolve claims as quickly as possible.
Our Claim team aims to prevent or minimize the risk of further occurrence by establishing a process from which claims can be reviewed and any lessons learned identified, examined, implemented and reviewed.
At  JAE service we believe that through our range of claims services, we are uniquely placed to provide skills and resource to meet any claims challenge that clients may experience.

  • Claims handling and Management: Proactive claims processing and handling with clear protocols within a measure-driven environment, to provide a high-quality and efficient claims service for clients.
  • Claims Advocacy: We offer strategic and practical advice on major claims, delivering solutions by our technical expertise and long-standing insurer relationships.       
  • Claims Consultancy: Pre- and post-loss claims services, enabling clients to understand and minimize claims cost, impact and frequency..

Other Insurance Services Offered By Us

  • Documentation For Claim Settlement for Any of Insurance
  • Claim Query Resolution