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Health Insurance

Health insurance is an insurance coverage that gives you financial protection against the losses or medical expenses you incur when coping with an illness, a chronic ailment, or injury. Due to the high medical inflation and pandemic situation, it is essential to have a health insurance plan to safeguard your finances. You can get multiple benefits and policy coverage, including advanced medical treatments, day care treatment, cashless hospitalization, and much more.

Insurance under MWP Act

We know that life insurance cover is essential to protect ourselves and our family members in case of an unfortunate event. We are even aware that an individual needs to buy adequate term plan if his family members are dependent on him. We also know that we need medical insurance as it protects us and our family financially in the event of an unexpected serious illness or injury that could be very expensive. Read More >>


Shopkeeper Policy


Shops are sources of revenue for many in our country. It therefore follows that the livelihood it provides needs to be protected which may happen due to the losses to the assets. With Reliance Shopkeeper's Package Policy, small medium - sized shop owners can get protection against many risks that a shop is exposed to, and also peace of mind by ensuring smooth running of business. Reliance Shopkeeper’s Package Policy is a comprehensive policy designed for shop owners to provide cover against loss or damage to both, the structure of shop as well as its contents other incidental business activities. Read More >>


Employer- Employee

Companies all over the world face this challenge — talented employees know their worth and are also aware of the opportunities available in the job market. Not just that, any employee with good performance, who is not satisfied with the current workplace, always has better options to look forward to. Shortage of skilled labor only adds to the problem of retention. Read More >>

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage against things that are likely to spoil your trip. It covers your medical expenses and other risks so that you can enjoy your trip hassle-free. A travel insurance policy is a popular choice among people travelling on vacations, business trips, or for studies.

Travel insurance provides global coverage for unforeseen events, such as a medical emergency, baggage loss, accident or passport loss that can affect your travel. It also offers medical coverage for COVID-19 and involves no paperwork. Read More >>


Product Liabilities


Business Is An Inherently Risky Proposition, As A Manufacturer/Trader You Can Fall Victim To Complicated And Expensive Law Suits Due To A Possibility That Your Product Could Cause Damage To A Third Party. This Policy Covers Claims, Which The Insured Becomes Legally Liable To Pay To Third Parties As A Result Of Bodily Injury Or Property Damage Arising Out Of The Use Or Consumption Of Products Manufactured, Sold And /Or Distributed By The Insured.

Policy Rejection service

Feeling dejected because your insurance cover got rejected? It’s never a lost battle! More often than not, a claim is rejected due to non disclosure of pre-existing conditions. People with pre-existing conditions have to pay a higher premium for coverage, which is why some agents encourage policyholders to not disclose such diseases. However, don’t fall into this trap. It’s of the utmost importance to be honest on your application even if you have poor health or a risky hobby. If you don’t enclose information correctly your claim is bound to be rejected. We can understand all the reasons and help you get the cover you need by correct documentation with the company.